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6 Tips For Preparing Items For International Shipping

When you send international shipments, it's important to prepare the items as well as possible. Even if you do lots of international shipping, you're not going to want the hassles that come with delayed or rejected shipments. Follow this guide to be sure you've properly prepared your shipments.

Know the Limits

Shippers will have restrictions, and these often relate to weights and dimensions. Likewise, many receiving nations will also have limits that extend to types of items. Verify with both the shipper and officials in the destination country what the limits are. Bear in mind the shipper's rules don't supersede the country's regulations, so presume your limitations are whatever the overlap is between the two.

Measure and Weigh the Shipment Fully Loaded and Twice

Especially if the shipment is close to the weight limit, you don't want to take chances. Someone else's scale may not say what yours does, and you want to leave enough wiggle room that you shouldn't run into trouble even if there's a small variance in weight measurements. It's also prudent to measure the dimensions of the shipment twice to be sure everything will fit.

Build a Detailed Packing List

Particularly if you're sending several parts or lots of little items, you need to have an accurate count. Likewise, you'll want clear descriptions. If possible, include serial numbers so the recipient can fully account for all items.

Take Packing Seriously

Even with durable items, international shipping can present challenges. Use high-quality packing materials that meet specifications for your shipment. If you need to prevent the ingress of moisture, for example, use materials that will provide a good seal. Fragile items need a significant cushion for international shipments.

Whenever possible, try to avoid having free spaces in the container because these can cause items to move. If you see a lot of free space, consider placing one box within another and then fill the surrounding space with the cheapest and most plentiful materials you can legally use. Packing peanuts exist for a reason.

Emphasize Functionality

If someone is paying for an international shipping firm to move an item, you don't need to sell them. Avoid any more branding than is required to identify your company as the sender. Use containers that are solid and within the shipper's specifications.

Help the Customer Unpack

When you prepare anything for shipment, think about how the recipient will unpack it. If they need a tool, for example, pack it near the outside so they don't have to dig through the pile. Provide unpacking instructions, too.

For more information about international shipping, contact a local company.