How Do You Get There?

Transportation Options for a Wine or a Beer Tour

If you respect a specific brewery or a manufacturer of an alcoholic beverage, you may be excited by the prospect of touring a facility in person, to learn how your favorite beverages are made. Some of the fun associated with a tour is the opportunity to indulge in a taste testing experience. Since there is a chance that you will wind up tipsy from the activity, it's imperative to arrange for transportation. Here are some of your options.

Seek a Guided Tour

A tour may include transportation to and from a facility that manufactures an alcoholic beverage, plus access to a tour guide who will show you around the establishment and provide information about how each beverage is made. First, decide upon the type of alcohol that you would like to learn more about. Then, coordinate your choice with a geographical destination, which will include overnight accommodations and visiting other points of interest throughout your stay.

Once you book a tour through a beer or a wine company, you will be provided with an itinerary, which will include information about the transportation that is offered. There may be a central location where all participants need to meet, but there may also be a curbside service, which involves being picked up and dropped off at the place that you are staying.

Take a Shuttle

If your travel plans involve being more flexible and not being forced to abide by a specific time to participate in the tour, seek a shuttle service. A shuttle service may encompass day and night hours and will provide transportation each hour. This type of arrangement will give you the freedom to complete some sightseeing, visit some other venues, and then contact the shuttle service when you are ready to head to a tour. Before leaving the beer or wine establishment, find out where the pickup locations are and make sure that you are at one of the locations to board the shuttle and travel back to your hotel.

Request a Ride from a Companion

If you have a loved one or a friend who is interested in touring a facility, but won't drink during the event, seek a ride with them. Having a designated driver on hand will allow you to fully immerse yourself in the experience. Let your chaperone know what your intentions are before the date of the tour. If you come to an agreement with someone and they are willing to remain sober and drive you to and from the venue, you will be able to drink as much as you would like without jeopardizing your safety.

Learn more about transportation and safety by contacting wine and beer tour services.