How Do You Get There?

5 Things To Know About Etiquette With Airport Transportation

When you go to the airport, you are going to want to make sure you have transportation from the airport back to your primary destination. One of the best ways is to use an airport transportation service.

#1: Plan Ahead 

First, whether you are coming home or leaving for a trip, you can schedule your service ahead of time by using an airport transportation service. You can let the transportation service know what flight you are arriving on, and the transportation company will monitor your flight so they will know when you land and when exactly to pick you up.

#2: Stay in Contact but Don't Stress

Second, stay in contact with your transportation service. The transportation service will track your flight, so if your flight is late, they already know. You can call the transportation service when you land and let them know if you are picking up a bag or will be heading straight out to get picked up. If there is a hold-up or delay at the baggage claim, let your driver know. 

#3: Dealing With Bags

Third, if you are able to handle your bags, feel free to load them up yourself. If you need assistance, just let the driver know, and be sure to give them a tip for their help. Moving around luggage is a laborious task that someone should be rewarded for helping you with.

If you are bringing any oversized baggage, such as a surfboard, be sure to let the transportation company know in advance so they can send out a vehicle large enough to accommodate your luggage. 

#4: Treat Your Driver With Respect

Your driver may have a quick turnaround time between fares and probably doesn't have time to deep clean the vehicle between rides. Stay in your seat, keep your area clean, and follow any other rules that are posted in the vehicle or that your driver shares with you. The rules are there to keep you safe and keep the vehicle clean. 

#5: Tipping Your Driver 

Someone is being sent to pick you up and find you at the airport. Bring some cash with you so you can give your driver a nice tip. Most airport shuttle drivers appreciate getting a tip, and it helps increase their take-home pay. Just like taxi drivers, most shuttle drivers depend on getting tips to supplement their income. 

On your next trip, find an airport transportation service to work with. An airport transportation service will track your flight, and make sure you have a ride when you land to get to your destination. They will reduce the stress of figuring out how to get to your destination after a long trip. Contact a transportation company that offers airport service to learn more.