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Benefits of Aerial Photographs

There are a lot of times when pictures that have been taken from above can be better than any other viewpoint. In many cases, helicopters are used to take aerial photographs and in other cases, drones will be used. Here are some examples of times when aerial pictures may be the pictures offering the best viewpoint.

Full-size property pictures

It wouldn't be possible to fit an entire large property into a picture that has been taken from ground level. When pictures are taken from above, entire pieces of land can be fit in one photograph. The aerial photos also show much more, since everything from the tops of structures to the bunches of trees and areas of bare land can all be seen in a single photograph.  

Pictures of mountain ranges

While a photograph that is taken from the ground can show a mountain protruding up from the ground, the only way to show all sides of mountain ranges is to have pictures taken from the sky. This view of mountain ranges is the only way to truly get an idea of how wide and long they are. It's also the best way to see which areas are the densest, which are the barest, and where things like hidden cabins or streams are that are located further in the mountain range.

Pictures of traffic

Pictures of busy streets that are taken from street level will be very limited on what they can show. In order to get a true view of how serious the traffic is, it can take an aerial view that is capable of showing the traffic for miles. This is why news stations tend to show the traffic reports from the sky. In some cases, the start of a traffic jam, which may be caused by something like a jackknifed truck or an accident, to the end of the traffic jam can all fit in an aerial photograph.

Pictures of large crowds

Showing a ground-level picture of a large crowd will likely not do the crowd justice. However, a photograph that is taken from a helicopter can show crowds that are extremely large, such as crowds that include tens of thousands of people.

If you want photographs that show something large or wide completely, then you will likely find the best and most accurate way to do this is to have aerial shots taken from a helicopter or drone.