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4 Things To Understand About Tipping Your Taxi Driver

When you take a cab, you should plan on paying the fee for the ride as well as paying the cab driver a tip. Cab drivers depend on tips to make driving the cab worthwhile.

Thing #1: Plan on Giving a Tip

First, when you use the service of a taxi driver, you should plan on tipping. Kind of like when you go out to a restaurant, you should plan on tipping. Most drivers depend upon tips, so if you want to use a taxi, make sure you budget to pay for the trip as well as a tip for the driver.

Thing #2: Give at Least 10%

Second, you want to make sure you leave at least a ten percent tip based upon the amount of the fee for your trip. For example, if your ride costs you $20, you should tip at least two dollars.

A dollar is a good standard amount for a tip; no one really enjoyed being tipped with change. You can easily tip more than ten percent; it is just usually considered impolite to tip less than 10% to your driver, like a sign you are not pleased with their service.

Thing #3: Don't Ask for Change

Third, don't expect your taxi driver to carry change with them. With so many people in and out of their vehicle, it is not safe for a taxi driver to carry around the same amount of cash that you would find in a till at a restaurant.

When you use a taxi, you should carry around small bills to use for a tip. Many cab drivers and taxi systems accept electronic payment, so you can easily add a tip to your balance and pay with your card.

Thing #4: Tip More for Extra Help

Fourth, if the tax driver provides you with extra help, you are going to want to tip them more. For example, if the taxi driver helps put your luggage into the trunk and out of the truck, you should defiantly provide them with a nice tip.

If the taxi driver helps you find a location where you are unsure of where exactly you are supposed to go, give them a larger tip. It is nice to tip a little extra if the taxi driver provides you with a little extra help.

If you plan on taking a ride somewhere, you need to plan on tipping the driver of the taxicab. You should always tip at least 10%, and tip more if the driver helps you with your luggage or if the driver provides you with additional assistance.

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