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Shipping A Car To Canada: 4 Important Considerations

There are many reasons why you may need to transport a car from the United States to Canada. Perhaps you've sold the vehicle to a Canada-based buyer, or maybe you are moving to Canada yourself. Regardless, having a vehicle shipped from point A to point B will require assistance from an experienced professional — and some proactive steps on your end. If you've never shipped a car out-of-country before, there are a few things you should know.

Proof of Ownership

First of all, you'll need proof of ownership in order for your car to be transported across an international border. This means you'll need to provide a copy of your vehicle title. If you're still making payments on the vehicle, you may even need to get a written letter from your lender that permits you to transport the vehicle to another country. If you've already sold the vehicle, you may need to provide proof of sale in the form of a receipt or title transfer documentation. Check with your shipper to find out more about what proof of ownership will be accepted.

Completed 3299 Form

You'll also need to fill out a number of forms that your shipper can walk you through, but perhaps the most important is the 3299 Form. This form is required by the United States Customs and Border Protection for any unaccompanied vehicles (and other items) crossing the border.

Potential Time Constraints

If you need your car transported to Canada by a certain date, be sure to check with your shipper and make sure they can guarantee delivery in writing. In some cases, rush/priority shipping may be available, but you should expect it to cost extra. Many vehicle couriers wait until they have a large enough "batch" of vehicles to transport in a full shipment, as this is the most cost-effective strategy for everybody.

Additional Insurance

While any reputable vehicle shipping company should include at least some insurance protection for your car, it's a good idea to check with your current auto insurance company to see what's covered (and what's not) during transport to another country. You might want to consider purchasing some additional protection for your added peace of mind.

Having your car shipped from the United States to Canada can be a little complex, but it's nothing that you can't navigate — especially with the assistance of a U.S. to Canada auto transport service.