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Dump Truck Safety Tips

There are a lot of responsibilities that come with driving a dump truck. Not following certain safety procedures can put you, your crew, and anyone else near the dump truck in danger. Here are some of the things that you want to keep in mind when you are driving a dump truck that can help to prevent you from finding yourself in a very bad situation.

Don't skip daily inspections and routine maintenance

If you don't tend to your daily inspections before you go out, then you are starting the day off on the wrong foot already. You need to know the truck is in optimal shape before you head out. Verify there are no abnormal signs of wear. The tire pressure must be right, the lights need to be checked, and the hoses and lifts must be inspected as well.

Fitting maintenance into your schedule may not be something you look forward to, but it is something you don't want to put off. When the time comes for the brakes to be replaced, have it done right away. Also, parts that require lubrication will need to be kept properly lubricated. Keep a running log of what's been done and what needs to be done, along with the dates, and make sure to check the log frequently.

Work with another person

Having another person working with you gives you the benefit of having someone else there to help you watch for hazards and help you navigate safely. Having someone with you also gives you someone to help with loads, which puts less stress on your body and decreases the risks of injuries.

Make sure the load is even

Keeping the load evenly distributed is going to help you to keep the truck properly balanced and stable. You want to make sure you are evening out the load as you go if you notice that it is heavier on one side than the other.

Keep the truck level

You need to verify that the truck is on level ground before you load anything into it and before you unload. If you do either of these things when the truck isn't on level ground, then you can be putting yourself and others in a very dangerous position due to the dangers both the load in the truck and the truck can pose. It's also important not to go over the weight limit at any time.

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